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Most affluent investors migrate through three financial life stages:


The diligent and determined process of accumulating and creating wealth throughout your professional career


The skillful transition into retirement and managing wealth throughout retirement to enjoy a secure and sustaining income stream


The coordination and preparation for estate control, family protection, and sharing of assets through legacy goals

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

No matter your life stage or financial position, maximizing financial efficiency both within and external to your investment portfolio is paramount to building and maintaining wealth. As an element of our client relationships, our seasoned advisors welcome all opportunities to assist you in ensuring your impactful financial decisions make the most sense for you. Our ongoing Wealth Management services integrate seamlessly with our Investment Management services, resulting in a truly comprehensive client-advisor partnership.

As the framework of investment, asset allocation is the primary driver of your portfolio’s return and volatility. Our advisors guide you through in-depth risk and return modeling to ensure your investment portfolio’s asset allocation is precisely structured to meeting your objectives.

Wallington is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (see our ADV). From allocation benchmarking to the construction and management of individual security portfolios, we have delivered tax-efficient portfolios with superior long-term risk-adjusted returns to our clients for more than three decades. Learn more about our Private Client Investment Management services.
Our partnerships with high-net-worth and young professional private clients are rooted in a commitment to comprehensive service. From goal-based planning to home and capital asset purchase financing solutions, your team of advisors is available to help you through all of life’s important financial decisions as they arise.

Wallington serves as an advocate and trusted partner throughout the estate planning process. Whether your estate intentions include gifting to heirs or charities during or after your lifetime, we work in coordination with estate attorneys and other trusted partners to ensure your legacy goals are maximized. We also serve as a wholly independent aid in evaluating trusted professionals, assisting to ensure the partners you choose align with your philosophy and goals.

Wallington’s tax-aware Wealth Management services extend beyond tax-efficient management of investment portfolios. From quarterly projections and payments to early distribution schedules and other tax-advantaged strategies, we work in coordination with accountants and other trusted partners to maximize your net financial picture.

You have worked and saved diligently to achieve success. Wallington serves as a trusted partner in analyzing and implementing strategies to protect your family and assets from catastrophe. From life, property and casualty, disability, and other personal and business coverages, our independent advisors work in coordination with outside agents to ensure you receive appropriate, cost-effective coverage.

Since inception, Wallington has dedicated itself to service beyond the financial markets. Whether through foundation, endowment, tax-efficient portfolio gifting, or various complex Trust strategies, our advisors are available to help you maximize any charitable intentions you may have. Learn more about Wallington’s involvement in the community here.
  • Investment Policy Formulation
  • Asset Allocation Benchmarking
  • Risk/Return Profiling
  • Net Worth Assessment and Composite Portfolio Structuring
  • External Account Review & Analysis
  • Retirement Savings Schedules and Projections
  • Education Funding
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Independent Insurance Analysis and Recommendations
  • Tax Considerations and Planning
  • Estate/Legacy Consultation
  • Coordination with Trusted Advisors
  • Reporting
  • Class Action Litigation Filing

Financial Planning

While most of our clients find our ongoing Wealth Management services exceed their advisory and planning needs, we offer full-scale Financial Planning which may incur an additional fee. Our Financial Planning process methodically reviews all aspects of your current and projected financial picture and provides thorough analyses and actionable recommendations in one comprehensive package. When you meet with our advisors for a Financial Planning analysis, you will discuss the following:

Your Financial Plan begins with our advisors learning more about your future financial goals and where you are in your journey to achieving them. We evaluate your life stage, assess your net worth, analyze your cash flow, and conduct tax analysis.

Family protection allows you to secure your family’s financial future in the event of critical illness, long-term disability, or death. We help you create plans for emergency cash reserve funding, insurance protection, and long-term care, and review your estate documents and beneficiary designations.

It is critical to identify realistic goals and objectives and set specific funding plans to achieve them. In this step, we guide you through retirement planning, education planning, specific needs analysis, and optimization of retirement income sources such as Social Security.

In this phase, we identify your estate and legacy aspirations and establish the steps to meet them. The legacy planning process includes coordinating with trusted advisors, controlling estate transfer taxes, and providing creditor protection for heirs.

Goals and objectives are not always easy to identify or quantify. These could include or incorporate your vision, values, hopes, dreams, family, health, relationships, career, lifestyle, and mindset. Your revelations to us are important as they form the foundation of a well-conceived strategy.


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Michael Charles, CFP®, CPA

Vice President, Senior Wealth Advisor

Michael A. Charles earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame and his Masters of Business Administration from Butler University. He began his career performing various functions in accounting, auditing, and corporate financial analysis where he earned his Certified Public Accountant designation. In 1990, Mr. Charles transitioned to the financial services industry, focusing on managing private investment portfolios and providing personal financial planning for high net worth individuals. While at NatCity Investments, he earned his Certified Financial Planner™ designation and successfully established and managed the financial planning department serving over 200 of the firm’s financial advisors and their clients. Mr. Charles joined Wallington Asset Management in 2012 from TIAA-CREF where he spent over five years serving high net worth clients as a Wealth Management Advisor. In his role at Wallington Asset Management, Mr. Charles is primarily responsible for financial planning and portfolio management. He is also involved in security analysis and serves as a member of Wallington Asset Management’s Investment Selection Committee. Mr. Charles philanthropic participation includes his current positions as Treasurer and Board Director for Right to Life of Indianapolis and his past membership on one of Marian University’s advisory boards.