Philosophy: Reporting

Upon a client’s request, Wallington Asset Management may arrange to have the assets of a client deposited at a specified custodian. Clients not wishing to take advantage of this service may arrange to place their securities with any member firm of the New York Stock Exchange or may utilize a custodian account at any bank. These institutions are responsible for providing clients with a report of each transaction via trade confirmations as well as timely statements reflecting the activity in each account. As part of our service, Wallington Asset Management always carefully reviews these statements and confirmations.

In addition to the custodian or brokerage statements, Wallington Asset Management, through our internal portfolio accounting system, provides each client with a quarterly statement summarizing the holdings in their investment portfolio. These statements are concise, easy to comprehend and reflect the current appraised market value of the portfolio. A variety of summary or detailed reports (performance, transaction history, interest and dividends, realized gains or losses, unrealized gains or losses, etc.) are also available upon request. We also have the capability to define the time period for reporting purposes, which enables the provision of customized reporting upon request.

For internal purposes, Wallington Asset Management generates reports on an ongoing basis to continually monitor the performance of each client’s portfolio as well as the specific holdings contained therein. This allows us to react virtually instantaneously when an investment decision is implemented. In the event a client requires multiple accounts, Wallington Asset Management is able to analyze the total exposure a client has to a particular asset class and/or individual security by grouping related portfolios together.

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